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Open your eyes

These words are reality

2 March
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Don't add me, you probably won't like me!


Short, blue eyes, black hair. Glasses. I wear a lot of styles of clothing, anything that suits my mood. I have tiny feet and hands, but not many people notice that. I have a few piercings: Left lobe at 10mm, Industrial in left ear, two earrings in right lobe, and right side of bottom lip. When I have money, I'll be full of metal, though, and ink.

I'm planning on getting:

Right ear:
Outer conch orbital

Left eyebrow
Central Labret

3 stars on right hip, three hearts on left hip.
Star on each hand
Elongated heart on left wrist
Cupid's arrow down spine

Be a long time before I get any more though.

Info on me:

I like: Kisses, Hugs, Smoking, Body modification, Wearing black, Wearing colour...

I despise: People who think everyone should be like them (Racists, Sexists, Homophobes, Straightedgers who preach), Most Townies/Chavs, Most Pop music, and violence.

I am: Bisexual. British. Alternative. A smoker.

Stretching is love.